Expedition Irma - Give and Take

It all started with a rainy day. The kind where you decide that your greatest adventure of the day will be to curl up on the couch with some sail repair and a warm tea. Then we turned on the news and saw people in need. We decided to go. That decision was the easiest part of the whole adventure! From there it was a whirlwind of planing and packing, excitement and nervous anticipation. What would we find? Would we be able to help or just in over our heads? We didn't know, but we kept going. Determined to do whatever we could. We reached out to our community for help. Knowing that the more supplies we could bring, the more good we would be able to do. So we asked the What's Next Adventures community for help. And you answered. 

We received over $3,000 in aid from our GoFundMe page and various other monetary donations. We gathered over 30 cases of water and 12 boxes of non-perishable foods from local grocery stores. When we painted our destination in chalk on the back of the truck, a woman ran up to us in traffic just to hand over a donation. When we went into Tractor Supply for new trailer tires a man asked who we were and where we were going, left the store, and then returned with a donation that looked to be more than he could afford. He gave it anyway. When we parked out front of the local grocery store to pick up several cases of donated water, a woman opened her purse and handed us cash before even knowing our names. We stopped for food at a fast food joint on the way out of town and returned to find a note with cash folded up under our windshield wipers. "" it said. 

When we watched the news that fateful morning and learned of the impending Hurricane, it wasn't the only storm brewing in our Country. So much violence, hate, and discord are paraded across headlines and ticker tapes. All we see these days is the fighting and the anger. But there is something out there that speaks so much louder than all of that. It is the power of compassion and selfless giving that we experienced in so many ways before we even left to begin this journey. A trip like this isn't easy. We encountered much hardship and saw things that I know we all wish we never had. But during those moments, we had something amazing to fall back on. The knowledge that our actions were not just our own. They were supported by an entire community of people that cared for others they would never meet and went out of their way (and into traffic in some cases) to give. 

So from all of us at What's Next Adventures, and from all the amazing individuals that we were able to help along the way, THANK YOU. We could never have done it without you.

Check back in a few days for more of our Expedition Irma story. There is ALOT to tell, and it is quite the adventure. 

- Nancy S.


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