Every Day is an Adventure...

One of our favorite sayings here at WNA is, "Every day is an adventure, you just have to let it happen."

Well, we try hard to embody that philosophy and find ourselves turning even the smallest task into a great adventure! Trip to the laundry? Let's stop at every roadside stand along the way and try all their free samples! Holiday shopping for the family? Who needs malls, lets go to that one antique shop on main street that always smells like mothballs and try on all the feather hats! (P.S. Mom I got you the one with an entire bird on top- Hope you like it!) But all this doesn't mean that every moment has to be some crazy adventure- we like to curl up on the couch with a hot tea and a good book as much as the next person. (Although in Captain Ian's case that good book is a copy of the Hamilton Marine catalog). 

People always ask us, "whats it like to spend everyday on vacation?" The answer- we don't! This is a job just like any other- well almost. We have to work hard everyday to make sure things go smoothly and see that everyone has an amazing experience. Believe it or not, adventures can be a challenging business. And we didn't always get it right. So how did we manage to create something as cool as What's Next Adventures? Practice. Lot's of Practice. We are now your resident experts in getting lost in the woods long enough to find someplace amazing or practically running aground while exploring the Bay so many times that we know about places no one else does, or spending so much time swinging from the end of the rope after falling on that one climb that we know what it looks like better upside-down than rightside-up. The utensil sacrifices to the Bay when someone forgets to check the wash bin before dumping it over (you know who you are) have become traditional. And we really live for moments like pulling an eddy at lunch rock only to realise that lunch is sitting back at the campsite...along with your car keys.

These experiences and crazy mishaps are what make us who we are, and they are what make every day an adventure. The opportunity to get yourself out of situations you never though you would be in, like being at the end of the river run next to your car and knowing that your keys are a whole day's paddle north of you. Or having to wonder if Chessie the Chesapeake monster likes silverware because she certainly eats a lot of yours. This blog is our attempt to share these moments with you, our friends, followers, fellow adventurers. Perhaps some of you will read them and decide that this page is as close to adventure as you will ever get. But we hope that most of you read a few and decide that your next adventure is awaiting you just around the corner. You just have to let it happen!


-Nancy S.